USA WEEKEND’s Newspaper in Education Program



Program Overview

The USA WEEKEND in Education team has strategically designed a new program of free educational materials geared towards middle-school and high-school students. Our new program integrates Common Core State Standards and provides adaptable lessons for teachers to use in their classrooms over a few days or several weeks.

Newspaper Benefits
• Free, top-quality, lesson plans
• Aligned with Common Core State Standards
• Strengthens your community connections
• Sponsorship opportunities
• Valuable turnkey resource

Teacher Benefits
Engaging, relevant curricula for students.

Easy-to-use lessons for teachers. Student editions include charts and activity pages that allow students to take ownership of their learning. Teacher editions clearly outline each lesson and offer suggestions and adaptations to extend learning opportunities.

Aligned with Common Core State Standards. These free resources offer teachers substantive lessons that focus on important standards that all students are striving to reach and exceed.

Connects to the local community. Materials direct students to explore the local print or e-Newspaper in order to connect their learning to their world — their local communities. This is a great way to make learning relevant and meaningful for students. In addition, students become more knowledgeable and aware of the issues and events that matter in their communities.

Utilizes expository text. As emphasis shifts from narrative text to expository text in middle and high school, these materials engage students with a wealth of expository writing in their local newspaper.

Adaptable lessons to fit your schedule. All materials may be used over a few days or several weeks depending on the needs and schedule of individual teachers.

Download: Program Overview (PDF)

2013-2014 Lesson Plans

Volunteerism – Volunteers Make a Difference
Students will explore the many ways they can impact their local community and beyond. Students will identify leadership traits they possess and how they can contribute to local volunteer organizations. This investigation will culminate in the selection of a volunteer opportunity to participate in and a personal reflection on the experience.
• Tie-In: Make A Difference Day, October 26, 2013

Elections – Election Extra
Students will explore the road to political office. Investigations will include qualifications to run for office, political ideologies and creating a campaign.
• Tie-In: Elections in November

Multiculturalism – Rooted in Culture
Students will have multiple opportunities to explore their personal cultural identity, as well as to examine how American culture impacts how we think and act. Students will synthesize and apply the self-knowledge they gain.
• Tie-Ins: Women’s History Month in January, Black History Month/Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in February and the 2014 Winter Olympics in February

Financial Literacy – Accounting for your Future
Students will look into the future and identify financial priorities, set a financial goal, explore various financial tools and create action steps to help accomplish their goals.
• Tie-In: Financial Literacy Month in April




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