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The USA WEEKEND in Education team has strategically designed a new program of free educational materials geared towards middle-school and high-school students. Our new program integrates Common Core State Standards and provides adaptable lessons for teachers to use in their classrooms over a few days or several weeks. The lessons are designed to be flexible and can be used anytime during the school year, however, we’ve also included suggested tie-ins to national events that give the lessons additional relevance. Every Lesson Plan comes complete with comes complete with both Teacher and Student Guides. 

Newspaper Benefits
• Free, top-quality lesson plans
• Aligned with Common Core State Standards
• Strengthens your community connections
• Valuable customizable resources
• Sponsorship opportunities

Teacher Benefits
• Engaging, relevant curricula for students
• Easy-to-use lessons for teachers
• Aligned with Common Core State Standards
• Connects to the local community
• Utilizes expository text in local newspaper
• Adaptable lessons to fit your schedule

2014-2015 Lesson Plans

21st Century Skills

Students will explore the new and emerging skills that will be needed as they prepare to enter the 21st Century workforce. Lessons will help students build skills such as personal and social responsibility, information literacy and creative problem-solving. Each activity will allow students to collaborate as team and learn to build and implement systems for working in the world.  
• Tie-In: Back to School

Media Literacy
Students will explore all the many types of media they encounter on a daily basis. Through these lessons, students will have the opportunity to learn about hidden messages in media and become informed consumers, evaluating each choice they make critically. To culminate the unit, students create and sign a contract to help them improve their responsible consumption of media.
• Tie-In: Information Literacy Awareness Month in October

Farm to Table

Students will have multiple opportunities to learn about how our food systems have evolved over the years. Through a series of activities, students will discover the benefits and challenges of bringing locally sourced foods to their own communities and dinner tables. In one lesson, students will even explore the possibility of growing their own food at home in a personal or community garden.  
• Tie-In: National Nutrition Month in March


You, an Entrepreneur

Students will explore the great journey that an individual takes from having a big idea to creating a business. Lessons include profiles of entrepreneurs of all ages as examples of big thinkers and how they achieved their goals. Then, students will have the opportunity to create a logo, a business and marketing plan and even write a press release for their very own big idea!
• Tie-In: National Inventors Month in May

Archived Lesson Plans

Election Extra
Students will explore the road to political office, investigate the qualifications to run for office and examine political ideologies. Students will also create their own political campaign.
• Tie-In: Any local or presidential election


Financial Literacy: Accounting for your Future
Students will look into the future and identify financial priorities, set a financial goal, explore various financial tools and create action steps to help accomplish their goals.
• Tie-In: Financial Literacy Month in April

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